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JanSport is a backpack manufacturer based in the United States. VF Corporation owns JanSport, the world's largest manufacturer of backpacks. A JanSport Superbreak backpack that I used in primary school and decided to look into their supply chain to see how extensive it is. Now I am getting these backpaks by applying Jansport Coupon through which I can save 20% of my pocket, JanSport's supply chain is divided into several separate production facilities, each of which is supplied with all of the necessary materials to manufacture the backpacks.

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A Thai Taffeta Co. Ltd. textile factory produces the colourful polyester fabric used on outside of the backpack, as well as the nylon pack cloth (orange square). Huntsman Chemical Supplier supplies the mill with the dyestuff needed to dye the fabric (black square). Nylon yarn (blue square) from Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd. (Bangkok Factory) and polyester yarn from Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd. (Ayutthaya Factory) are also supplied to the mill (green square). All three raw materials are blended in the mill to create the fabric and cloth that will be used to manufacture the bag's outside. These are very solid bag to get for a lifetime period, Use Jansport Coupon to get these bags asap on discounted Price.

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To meet the high demand for JanSport backpacks, each manufacturing facility requires various suppliers for the most prevalent materials, polyester and nylon fabric. The order is slightly different in this production center's second supply chain for these materials. The weaving and dying activities have been separated onto two separate mills. The first is a weaving mill.

Unshaded nylon and polyester fabric is produced by Dong Jin International Corp. (Weaving) (red circle). The items are then coloured before being sent to the production centre at the Dong Jin International Corp. (Dyeing & Finishing) mill (yellow square). Use Jansport Coupon to get these amazing bags on spending very less.

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These factories manufacture the characteristic JanSport labels prominently displayed on the front of the backpack. The logos are part of the fabric.

Miscellaneous Fabric, Send media focus to the keyboard.

These are now availible on discount by using Jansport Coupon, Aside from the fabric used for the inner and exterior of the backpack, a basic JanSport backpack has a variety of different fabrics. This company converts yarn and chemicals into a variety of specialty items, such as tape and webbing. These materials are made on the premises.


Polyunion Industrial Ltd. is a manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom (orange circle).

Tensionlocks and Thread

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Use Jansport Coupon to have these bags also the straps and multiple strap holders needed on a backpack are made by these two firms. Tensionlocks, which are using tension to retain straps in place on a person's shoulder, are made by Unitex Global Button Accessories Ltd. (blue circle). These tensionlocks are made of extruded plastic that is cleaned before being sent to the manufacturing facility. Before transporting the thread to the production facility, Coats Shenzhen Ltd. (purple circle) creates thread and transforms it into straps.

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